Items in New York Heritage are organized into collections, which provide additional context for understanding their significance and meaning.

The Scrimshaw and Baleen Objects collection is made up of primarily 19th century objects that were carved or decorated using scrimshaw techniques.
“Sculptures in the Air” showcases videotapes that document the ASL (American Sign Language) literature movement in Rochester from 1972-2007. The recordings capture performances by Deaf poets such as Robert Panara, Clayton Valli, Debbie Rennie, Peter Cook, Ella Mae Lentz, and others performing and analyzing ASL literature works at national conferences, in the classroom, and on stage. This collection strives to be fully accessible: it is captioned, voiced, transcribed, and/or signed.
Proceedings from the Mohonk Conference on the Negro Question held at Lake Mohonk, Ulster County, New York, June 3, 4, 5, 1891.
A sampling of documents from the Colonial period and Revolutionary War.