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Nioga Library System
Local History Department
1425 Main Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14305
Phone: (716) 286-4894

Contact: Courtney Geerhart - 716-286-4914 -


Our mission is to provide the citizens of Niagara Falls with quality service, access to excellent collections, assistance in using emerging technologies, and a pleasing, safe environment.

Library services in Niagara Falls began in 1814, when an association of citizens under the direction of General Parkhurst Whitney founded the "Grand Niagara Library." The fledgling library consisted of 40 books.

Through the 19th Century, services improved, and by 1852 the collection had increased to 502 volumes housed in a small room in the Third Street School. Outgrowing that room, the library was then moved to the Frontier Mart on Falls Street. From 1850 to 1898, James F. Trott, "Father of Niagara Falls Schools," served the library and applied to the New York State Education Department for a legal charter.

While awaiting the Charter, the library moved to two large rooms in the Arcade Building on Falls Street, opening its doors on February 1, 1895. Finally, on February 28, 1895, the Charter was signed by Melvil Dewey and the Niagara Falls Public Library was officially opened.

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