MAG Artifacts and Memorabilia
A collection of correspondence by Gertrude Herdle, former Director of the Memorial Art Gallery. Many of the letters relate to her travels in Europe, especially during the 1920s.
MAG Events
A collection of photographs relating to significant events at the Memorial Art Gallery during the 20th century.
MAG Exhibition Views
A collection of photographs relating to significant exhibitions at the Memorial Art Gallery during the 20th century.
MAG Images
Selected images from the Memorial Art Gallery’s history, including construction views and portraits of prominent people associated with the Gallery.
MAG Publications
An assortment of Memorial Art Gallery publications, including annual reports and member publications from the 20th century through the 21st century.
MAG Scrapbooks
Newspaper clippings relating to Navajo Indian Arts at the Memorial Art Gallery in 1929 and 1930.
Maria College Glee Club Collection

This collection contains the recordings from three albums recorded by the Maria College Glee Club.

Maria College The Mariale Literary Magazine

This collection consists of copies of Maria College's Literary Magazine, The Mariale.

Mark Twain Collection
This collection consists of letters and marginalia of Samuel Clemens, artifacts associated with him and photos having to do with Clemens' time in Elmira and the family and friends that comprised his circle.
Painting of Hamilton Pond, October

This collection contains paintings by New Woodstock artist Mary Padgett, many of which are still lifes or plein air landscapes.

Materials related to the Gallery's 1913 Inaugural Year
A collection of correspondence, invitations, and other documents relating to the opening of the Memorial Art Gallery on October 8, 1913.
Maureen O'Sullivan Cushing Collection of Maria College Albany NY
This collection contains photos and documents that pertain to Maureen O’Sullivan and James Cushing.
Maverick Festival Collection

Photographs and ephemera from the 1920s Maverick Festivals.

Maverick Musicians Portraits

Photographic portraits of musicians who performed at The Maverick.

Maverick Sunday Concerts Programs

Programs from the long-running Maverick Sunday Concert Series.

Max Reinhardt Collection
The Max Reinhardt collection covers major aspects of the life and career of Austrian-born theatrical director and producer Max Reinhardt (1873-1943) .
Medieval and Early Modern Studies Collection
The Medieval and Early Modern Studies Collection includes manuscript leaves, manuscripts, printed book leaves, and books produced mainly in Europe from about 1200 to 1837.