52nd General Hospital Group Photograph

Photographs and other materials relating to 52nd General Hospital, a mobile military hospital during World War II.

UAlbany University Archives
This collection is an example set of items within the variety of collections at UAlbany University Archives Collections.
Ulster County Fair Collection

Images and documents relating to the Ulster County Fair held in Ellenville.

ULYSSES Photographs
Photographs taken by Neil J. Beck during the 1938-1939 voyage of the Factory Whaling Ship the ULYSSES.
United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen Collection
The United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen Collection encompasses representative photographs and documentation, as well as the official program, of each of the 20 years of the United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. This international competition was hosted by the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Corp.
University Hospital
Photographs and blueprints relating to the University Hospital construction and opening in the 1960s.
Urban Renewal in Albany, New York
This collection contains photographs showing the demolition and construction of buildings in Albany's Clinton Square neighborhood during the late twentieth century.
Utica Church and Synagogue Collection
Early 20th century photographs of churches and synagogues in Utica, New York taken by photographer Allen J. Manning
Utica Zoo Collection
The Utica Zoo has been a community center for over 100 years. This collection of photographs documents the Zoo and its activities, particularly in the latter half of the 20th century.