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Historical Context

The history of "The Old Church" of Lynbrook has its roots in the very earliest days of the American republic. Lynbrook, formerly known as Bloomfield and also Pearsall's Corner, was sparsely settled in pre-Revolutionary days.

In 1784 Philip Cox, a Methodist Circuit rider, roamed the countryside conducting family prayers and other religious services for those requesting it. By 1790 the inhabitants of this community--about 40 families--felt the need for a central meeting place, and so the first church was built on ground given by Isaac Denton, next to the already existing community Rockville Centre. It was a crude, barnlike structure, only 20 x 30 feet, and became affectionately known as the "Old Sand Hole Church", so-called because of its location at a sand hole on the corner of Merrick (Old South Road) and Ocean Avenue (Long Lane).

Scope of Collection

The collection consists of books 1 and 2 of compiled handwritten records from the Old Sand Hole Church in Lynbrook, NY. The records include membership, marriages, baptisms, and financial records. The books were compiled and published by the Historical Society of East Rockaway & Lynbrook.