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Historical Context

Lynbrook was settled around 1790 when the first church was constructed, and it remained a small, isolated, farming and fishing community until the mid-1800s when a corduroy road and later a railroad line were extended through the sleepy hamlet. By 1890, a downtown of about twenty businesses had developed along Atlantic Avenue near the Five Corners. In 1911, the hamlet became an incorporated village. In the 1920s, many of Lynbrook’s farms were subdivided into residential lots, and it became the fastest growing village in Nassau County.

Scope of Collection

Leo H. Bock of Lynbrook, NY is the village’s finest photographer. He was a commercial photographer who worked in New York City (None of those photos are in this collection.) When it comes to the over 100 photographs he took in his home village of Lynbrook – at his own expense, and which he kept in his personal album -- he referred to himself as an “Art Photographer.” Most of the photos in the collection were taken in the period 1912 to 1918. The subjects are Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, local men and women serving in WW I, and buildings.