Glens Falls Feeder Canal

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Glens Falls Feeder Canal
Canal boat - Jesse A. Pruyn of Glens Falls, NY - Image Source

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c. 1890 - 1930

Historical Context

The Glens Falls Feeder Canal was built in the 1820s and ran from Hudson Falls to Fort Edward along a seven mile path. The purpose of the feeder canal was to feed water from Glenn’s Falls, which is a high point on the Hudson River, to the highest point on the Champlain Canal. The canal is still used as a water source for the Champlain Canal and a local paper mill today.

Scope of Collection

This collection covers the boats and the boatmen connected to the Feeder Canal, and the importance of the Feeder Canal to the development of industry in Glens Falls-South Glens Falls-Hudson Falls-Fort Edward.