Fairfield Medical College

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Fairfield Medical College
Illustration of Medical College at Fairfield - Image Source

Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
1813 - 1889

Historical Context

Fairfield Medical College developed out of the Medical School of Fairfield Academy, whose instructors taught several subjects in the areas of medicine, pharmacy, and surgery. However, the Academy itself did not grant medical degrees. To be able to respond to the demand for an actual medical degree, Fairfield Medical College was incorporated by Lyman Spalding, Westel Willoughby, and James Hadley in 1812. A charter was granted under the formal name, The College of Physicians & Surgeons of the Western District of New York, located in Herkimer County.

The medical college closed in 1841. Though professors began teaching at Geneva Medical College, the institution which eventually became Upstate Medical University. Former students of Fairfield Medical College became faculty members of Syracuse University Medical College, demonstrating another connection between the two schools.

Scope of Collection

The collection contains photographs of Fairfield Academy, Seminary, and Medical College. Also included: an address delivered at an 1889 Syracuse University Commencement, an article by Dr. Mather titled “Early Recollections of Fairfield Academy”, and “Circular and catalogue of the faculty and students of Fairfield Medical College” for years spanning 1826-1840.