Danforth Family Collection

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Color portrait photograph of couple in dressy clothing
Portrait of Clifford and Mary Danforth - Image Source

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Late 1800s to present

Historical Context

The Danforths are a multi-generational family that have been dairy farmers for well over a century. Their farm was founded in 1817 and has been in the family for seven generations. In 1980, they were awarded the Century Farm Award by the New York State Agricultural Society, cementing their place in the New York State farming community. This award was given to them not only for owning their farm for over 100 years, but also for their “excellence of farm practices and service to the local community.” The Clifford Danforth farm was turned over to the Keyser family, where there is still dairy farming. The Danforth Family has resided in  Jefferson, New York for over 100 years and has continued to live in the area.

Scope of Collection

Multiple community members have come forward with items from their personal collections to be scanned, digitized, and shared. These images, documents, and newspaper clippings span from the late 1800s to modern day. The content of these items deal with dairy farming, school, businesses, religion, and community events.

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