Bethlehem Public Library

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Bethlehem Public Library
Story hour with Anna Parrott, Delmar Public Library, Bethlehem, NY - Image Source

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c. 1770 - 1980

Historical Context

Founded in 1913 as the Delmar Free Library, the Library was originally limited to a single room in what is now the Masonic Temple on Kenwood Avenue in Delmar, New York. To better serve a growing community, the Library moved to a newly constructed building at the corner of Hawthorne Avenue and Adams Place in 1917. The Library saw three additions at this location, but eventually outgrew the space and the current library was constructed at 451 Delaware Avenue, opening in 1972. Today, the Bethlehem Public Library serves the 28,243 residents of the Bethlehem Central School District and surrounding community.

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This collection contains items related to the history of Bethlehem Public Library (formerly Delmar Free Library), Town of Bethlehem, Albany County, New York.