Bayport Bluepoint Postcards

Blue Point, NY is a hamlet in Suffolk County located in the Town of Brookhaven in Long Island. Blue Point is part of the Brookhaven Patent from King Charles II, first settled by people in Setauket in 1655. The name Blue Point is supposed to have originated from the bluish haze that settles over the point of land extending into the bay.

During the Revolutionary War, the harbor at Blue Point was a major shipping point for British vessels.The British ships in Blue Point were raided several times by American rebels from Connecticut. The oldest dwelling in Blue Point is the old Joseph Avery homestead built in 1812 on the north side of what is now Middle Road. When the railroad came through in 1869, the town became a popular summer resort.

The collection consists of over 300 postcards showing buildings, structures, and natural features of Blue Point, NY. Postcards date from the 1920s and show daily life on Long Island.

Collection owner: Bayport-Blue Point Public Library